McCarthy, Summers, Bobko, 
Wood, Norman, Bass & Melby, P.A.

Civil Litigation

Skilled Litigators Based in Stuart, Florida

McCarthy, Summers, Bobko, Wood, Norman, Bass & Melby, P.A. represents businesses and individuals as plaintiffs or defendants litigating civil matters, including:

Breach of contract 
Real Estate Litigation 
Title, survey and boundary disputes 
Mortgage Foreclosure 
Liens and Lien Foreclosure 
Breach of fiduciary duty 
Personal injury 
Recovery of personal and real property 
Notes and Mortgages 
Creditor’s Rights 
Construction claims 
Shareholder and partnership disputes 
Probate and Trust Litigation 
Wrongful termination disputes 
Corporate litigation 

Throughout the litigation process, our attorneys continuously advise you of opportunities to settle, carry on with litigation, or prepare for trial. If appropriate in the case, our lawyer may also suggest other resources to find a solution such as mediation. Often, staying out of court can be the most economically effective solution. If all other means are exhausted, and it is necessary to go to trial, our lawyers provide diligent representation through the trial, and if necessary, through appeal. Our firm's focus is always attaining the best outcome for our clients.