McCarthy, Summers, Bobko, 
Wood, Norman, Bass & Melby, P.A.

Title Insurance Protects Your Interests

The McCarthy, Summers, Bobko, Wood, Norman, Bass & Melby, P.A. Real Estate Department also seeks to actively protect your interests as a buyer of real property by reviewing land surveys and conducting thorough title searches and examinations to uncover any sources of title defects. Our attorneys look for probate issues, encroachment, easement matters, adverse possession, or other encumbrances and then take effective action to clear title to property. In addition, the firm is an approved agent to write title insurance through the major, well-regarded companies that provide the coverage.

While private title companies can also provide title insurance coverage, our clients get both the title coverage plus the benefit of experienced real estate attorneys, often at little or no more expense than what title companies charge.